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While the thought of mold within your home or business can be stressful, it is important to confirm the actual presence of mold before commissioning a full mold remediation, especially if it has not been visibly established. Although mold can show itself in many forms, the most common ways of realizing a mold infestation are through sight and smell. ​Mold emits a musty and earthy smell that is easily distinguishable and can be the result of internal water damage. Once you can visibly see mold growing or forming, typically the mold has become too big of an issue for simple cleaning methods and must be addressed professionally and in a timely manner to ensure the safety of all inhabitants. In order to determine the next best steps, mold testing​ becomes extremely important when suspicions arise that mold may be growing within a home or office space, but can not be visibly located. Our experienced team at BioGuard Pro is well trained in all ​mold testing and inspection​ techniques, so you can feel comfortable during the entire process and confident the job will be done in a timely and safe manner.

Mold Testing Process

Mold testing ​is performed multiple ways to accurately locate the root cause of mold growth and eliminate future risks of breakouts. Usually, an air sample and a surface sample are taken and tested to determine the severity of any mold found. Air mold testing ​is vital for clean health and must be vigorously checked before allowing occupants back into the building. ​Air mold testing ​is most commonly done by collecting a sample of interior air which is then run through an impaction sampler that projects the spores onto a microscope slide, then analyzed for potential health risks. ​Mold inspection​ goes well above just looking for visible mold signs and scrubbing it with bleach and proper procedures must be taken to effectively eliminate the problem at the source.

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Dangers Of Mold

Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that can make its way onto just about every surface, inside or out. Mold reproduces from airborne spores that circulate and find a host, while some mold is harmless to pets and humans, many types of mold can be harmful and even deadly for people with existing health concerns. Mold that is found within the household is most commonly caused by moisture and humidity and should be removed as soon as possible. BioGuard Pro can perform extensive ​mold and air mold testing ​once mold is visible as that is when it is the most harmful and poses the largest risk both health wise and structurally.

Once a building has succumbed to fire or water damage, the risk of mold becomes exceptionally higher and should undergo all the necessary ​mold testing and inspections ​before becoming operational again. Water and air can seep into a building from structural inconsistencies and jump start mold growth. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), various health conditions can arise from being in contact with mold including respiratory illness, insomnia, itchiness, fungal infections, and can cause breathing problems for people with asthma or other chronic respiratory diseases. ​Air mold testing is imperative to ensure future health conditions such as these do not become a part of your reality. BioGuard Pro covers all the bases during their ​mold inspection ​to give home and business owners an accurate representation of the time and expenses required for all ​mold testing​and removal services.

Residential & Business Cleaning

Mold can grow in many shapes and colors, but must be checked by a professional to accurately evaluate the severity of the situation. When undergoing a residential or business mold clean up, steps are taken right away to get ahead of the growth and minimize contact. BioGuard Pro’s ​mold inspection team is dispatched as quickly as possible to start aerating the environment, removing all excess water build up, and undergoing all necessary ​mold and air tests.​

​Mold testing and inspections​ are the first step to preventing a harmful fungus from living inside your home or business, but it’s also most important to give BioGuard Pro technicians the information they need to move forward in the cleaning process. Letting mold go untreated not only poses extreme health risks for anyone in the home or workplace, it can cause serious legal issues for businesses who willingly let their employees work in that environment. Much like our other services, BioGuard Pro conducts all ​mold inspections​ quickly and safely while working to the discretion of the business or homeowner. Reach out to our highly trained staff today to get an inspection and feel confident BioGuard Pro will get your mold problem under control to get you back to normal life without the worry of potential health complications.

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