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We clean and restore your home or business property to pre loss conditions or better after a crime scene event.

Thorough, discreet, and safe crime scene cleanup services in Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, John's Creek, Duluth, and the surrounding communities in Georgia.

A violent crime is not something one prepares for, and if a crime occurs at your residence or commercial property, you will be left with more questions than answers. Although traumatized, you will be responsible for many things, including police reports, interviews, and ultimately, the biohazard cleanup. Trust BioGuard Pro for your crime scene cleanup Alpharetta services; we will deliver fast, impeccable services and follow all the needed regulations, returning your home or business to pre-incident conditions.

What Events Qualify For Crime Scene Cleanup?

Crime scene cleanup services, also known as a biohazard cleanup, is the process by which bodily fluids, blood, and potentially infectious materials are cleaned up. This often happens as a result of a crime, or other situations where carpets, walls, and furniture have been contaminated. Some common reasons to call BioGuard Pro for services biohazard clean or crime scene cleanup Alpharetta up include:

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Crime Scene Regulations

Though you may be tempted to start cleanup immediately yourself, there are many things that preclude that. First, the authorities may not release the crime scene immediately. And when they do, there are many regulations regarding the crime scene cleanup services. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), all have a stake in the right way to proceed with a residential or commercial property biohazard cleanup. Hiring a professional crime scene clean up company like BioGuard Pro to handle the regulations as well as the paperwork will help to ease your mind after the traumatic event.

Because there are many rules dictating exactly how to handle biohazard cleanups, what can be cleaned, and what must be disposed of, hiring a professional crime scene cleaner for your home or business is essential. BioGuard Pro’s residential and commercial crime scene technicians can determine the scope of the situation and proceed appropriately. Our trained professionals understand how to clean and sanitize properly, what can be returned to its pre-crime condition, and what must be thrown away.

Why Hire Professionals?

Some people may naturally think to take on the crime scene cleanup themselves, however there are several reasons why a professional service is a must. A professional crime scene cleaner like BioGuard Pro will know the proper state and federal regulations and will fill out all the paperwork that needs to be submitted. This is an invaluable service in cleaning your residence or commercial property. Crime scene cleanup technicians will also have the proper personal protective equipment needed to avoid contamination to themselves and others. Additionally, BioGuard Pro’s trained crime scene cleaners understand the proper way to use chemicals and cleaning solutions. With infectious diseases, blood and bodily fluids, or animal biohazards, there is no room for error when you need your home or business cleaned properly.

BioGuard Pro is the company for your crime scene cleanup services. Call us for discreet, professional services for your residence or commercial property. When you leave the job to our professionals, our crime scene cleanup technicians will restore your home or business to its original condition, and you will have the peace of mind you deserve after such a traumatic event.